Communication is critical as we seek to improve value patients while lowering costs. RelateCare is uniquely positioned to provide the tools and processes that will make healthcare providers more accessible to patients

Dr. Thomas J. Graham, Cleveland Clinic Chief Innovation Officer

Increase Patient Access
Improve Patient Satisfaction
Lower the Cost of Care
Increase Efficiencies and Productivity

Relatecare, Communicating Better Health

RelateCare is a healthcare consultancy and outsourcing organization that assists healthcare providers in improving and optimizing their patient access strategies. We provide technical expertise in healthcare contact center operations and management, and clinical expertise in the design and implementation of telehealth and clinical calling programs. Services include Guided Scheduling Questionnaire’s, Workforce Optimization, Quality Assurance, Post-Discharge Calling Programs, Nurse On Call Programs and Technology Optimization.

Consultancy Services

We have the knowledge, experience and expertise to assist healthcare organizations in the design and implementation of best-in-class patient access solutions.

Outsourcing Services

Our team of clinical and non-clinical agents can provide a range of offsite call management services including appointment scheduling and clinical telehealth services.

Shared Services

We provide the full range of support services required to effectively run and manage a best in class contact center including Human Resources, Training and Education;

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