Image of Frank Dolphin, Chairman of RelateCare.

Dr. Frank Dolphin


Dr. Frank Dolphin is Chairman of RelateCare and founder of RigneyDolphin, a leading Irish contact center organization and parent company of RelateCare. Frank is a Chartered Psychologist by profession and has worked as a clinical and consulting psychologist at the Children’s Hospital, Temple St. and St. Joseph’s Clonmel. He has lectured at Trinity College Dublin and Waterford Institute of Technology in Psychology and Consumer Behavior and is a former Chairman of the Irish National Health Service Executive (HSE). Frank received Ph.D. in Psychology from University College Dublin.

Image of Conor O'Byrne RelateCare CEO

Conor O'Byrne


Conor O’Byrne is CEO of RelateCare and former Director of Operations at RigneyDolphin. Conor was lead consultant in the development of Cleveland Clinic’s Access to Care model and has worked extensively with healthcare providers over the last 7 years. Conor was involved in Enterprise Ireland’s Connected Health Steering Committee and is a board member of the Center for Applied Research for Connected Health (ARCH). Conor has led RelateCare since its inception, from 5 employees in 2013 to over 100 employees today. Conor has an MBA from Waterford Institute of Technology.

Image of RelateCare Director of Business Development Michelle Winfield RN

Michelle Winfield RN BSN MHA MSN

Director of Business Development and Marketing

Michelle Winfield specializes in coordinating the continuum of care, focusing on healthcare contact centers, outpatient access strategies, process improvement, healthcare reform, regulatory management, and strategic planning. Michelle is a Registered Nurse specializing in critical care and emergency medicine. Over the past 16 years at the Cleveland Clinic, Michelle was responsible for the creation and management of the enterprise-wide stroke system. She has worked at a state level for process improvements within her specialty. Michelle holds a Master’s of HealthCare Administration from Ohio University and Masters of Science and Nursing from Capella University.

Image of Dana Cameron Patient Access Consultant.

Dana Cameron

Senior Consultant

Dana Cameron is a Senior Consultant for RelateCare. Prior to joining the company, Dana worked at the Cleveland Clinic for 35 years as Lead Systems Analyst, instrumental in the design and implementation of Electronic Scheduling Protocols. Currently, Dana is Lead Designer for RelateCare where she leads complex change management projects centered around coordination of care models with emphasis on patient access. Dana’s areas of expertise encompass optimizing patient access pathways, process mapping and designing future state, streamlining scheduling practices and data analysis. She holds various Epic certifications.

Director of Clinical and Welness Program for RelateCare, Kari Kontz.

Kari Kontz

Director of Clinical and Wellness

Kari Kontz RN is Director of Clinical and Wellness, specializing in embedding clinical guidelines to optimize evidence-based triage. Kari specializes in critical care, continuum of care, inpatient/outpatient settings, clinical contact center management, and clinical quality assurance. She plays a pivotal role in on boarding Clinical Connected Health Programs, Nurse Triage, and Post Discharge calls. She has also on boarded Cleveland Clinic’s Connected Health Programs, along with their Heart and Vascular Institute Post-Discharge Clinical Follow-up Calls. She was awarded Nurse of the Year in 2010.

Brendan Magan Training, Leadership and Development Manager

Brendan Magan

Director of Learning & Development

Brendan Magan has over 20 years experience in deploying contact center management solutions across the globe. His skills are focused on assisting healthcare organizations to reach their maximum productivity through Patient Communications, Telehealth programs, Business Process Outsourcing, Contact Centre Services, Patient Access, Patient Experience, Employee Engagement Programs, Leadership & Management Development. He has several qualifications from the Irish Institute for Training and Development (IITD).To date, he has been involved with several key hospitals including Stanford Children’s Health, Texas Children’s Hospital, CHI Health, and York Hospital.

Image of Rob Grant Research and Marketing Analyst with RelateCare.

Dr. Robert Grant

Research and Content Strategist

Dr. Robert Grant is a Research and Marketing Analyst with RelateCare. His focus is on the creation of high-quality content and publications that support the mission of RelateCare; increasing patient access and improving patient engagement. Rob completed his Ph.D. in Philosophy and Linguistics at Trinity College Dublin where he remains a tutor part-time and has been working within the Connected Health space for the past 4 years. Rob has had articles published in the NAHAM Journal, The Global Center for Health Innovation, The Irish Times, The Phoenix, The and The Irish Medical News.

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