The Value of Employee Engagement within the Healthcare Contact Centre

The nature of healthcare contact centres is changing at a rapid pace. Patients are becoming increasingly comfortable with online self-service tools. The remaining live calls to contact centres are often quite complex to resolve, and so, in order to provide consistent high-quality patient experiences, it is necessary to have experienced, knowledgeable patient service representatives with […]

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The Momentum Is Good…..Keep it Going!

For almost five years, I have been submersed in the U.S. healthcare sector. In that time, I have been fortunate to engage directly with executive leadership at some of the top ranked health systems in the world. I have attended my fair share of conferences, big and small, where the future of health delivery has […]

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Data Utilization and Root Cause Analysis within the Healthcare Contact Center

In a fast-paced work environment, problems are often amplified and exacerbated due to a lack of visibility of the root cause of the issue. A true understanding of a situation requires visibility and clarity on the subjects or processes being observed. In my experience as a performance optimization consultant, this can be a major challenge […]

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