Press Release: Ed Corr joins the RelateCare & Rigneydolphin Group as Head of Workforce Management

WATERFORD, IRELAND, September 22nd 2021 – Ed Corr has joined the RelateCare and Rigneydolphin Group as Head of Workforce Management (WFM) Manager. As Head of WFM, Ed will have responsibility for providing the strategic direction required to optimally staff our Contact Centre teams and lead our WFM & Reporting Team across all physical and remote […]

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Quality Control: Why It’s Essential for your Healthcare Contact Center!

In the next edition of our Consultancy & Advisory thought-leadership series, we take a deep-dive into Quality Management Systems with our Director of Quality Assurance, Mary May. An experienced and knowledgeable expert in all aspects of quality solutions, Mary tells us about the subtle but important distinction between Quality Assurance and Quality Control, and why […]

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