Care Coordination and Clinical Solutions

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RelateCare’s team of experienced Registered Nurses, Medical Assistants, and Health Coaches empower healthcare organizations to seamlessly manage and coordinate patient care journeys.

Care Coordination & Clinical Solutions

Through our Care Coordination and Post-Discharge Follow-Up Programs, our clinical team reaches out to patients after they have been discharged from hospital (pre-op night before surgery, after discharge, after surgery – across multiple specialties and primary care: postpartum, behavioral health, heart/vascular/thoracic, transplant, stoke, etc.) in order to guide them through their transition home, reassure them about their recovery process, remind them of their medication adherence guidelines, and catch any red flags. This information is integrated in real time into the patients’ EMR.

Our Nurse Triage program provides 24/7 access to systematic, high quality healthcare advice with superior customer service in an efficient and personalized manner. Our experienced team of Registered Nurses listen to the patients concerns/needs/symptoms, utilize clinical nursing judgment, critical thinking, and peer reviewed electronic clinical Schmitt-Thompson protocols to identify the nature and urgency of client health care needs and determine the appropriate type of care needed, based on the clinical pathways for escalation with the hospital/health system.

Our Registered Nurses and clinical care team work in-baskets 24/7 impacting: turnaround times, triaging the acuity or need to escalate, decreasing provider burnout, allowing in-house staff to focus on direct face-to-face patient care, utilizing idle time out of hours effectively and reducing error rate. One important function within clinical messaging is the completion of medication refills, where RNs work from approved organizational medication refill policies and work to the top of their scope of practice.

RelateCare partners with public and private sector organizations in health promotion and preventative programs. Examples include Smoking Cessation and Breastfeeding Promotion. Health Coaches and Clinical Specialists provide support and advice to individual clients across telephone, webchat, SMS and social media platforms to individuals and groups who have self enrolled or have been referred to Healthcare Partner led programs.

We Care about the patient journey

Healthcare organizations are under tremendous pressure to ensure clinical personnel are being utilized to the top of their licensure and scope of practice. Our clinical team of experienced Registered Nurses, Medical Assistants and Health Coaches act as an extension of your internal team to smooth the way for patients before and after their appointments. Our RN-led teams input clinical assessments and documentation directly into patients’ Electronic Health Records in real time. This frees up in-house clinical staff’s time to focus on in-person patient care.

Over 85% of patients contacted post discharge demonstrate increased Patient Satisfaction Scores
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Our outreach to Heart & Vascular post discharge patient populations have reduced readmission rates by more than 33%.
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Our afterhours Nurse Triage teams have reduced traffic to traditional on call in house teams by over 80%
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