Contact Tracing and the role of the Contact Center

Contact tracing is a critical element in the fight against COVID-19 and has successfully been utilized to fight other diseases such as MERS and SARS.  In the current crisis, it begins with those who test positive for COVID-19.   Close contacts of those patients are then identified, as they may have been infected as well.  These contacts are notified and supported through a period of quarantine. While viruses come and go and have peaks and spikes, Contact Tracing and roles to support this function will become the norm for most organizations in the very near future.

  The main purposes of a contract tracing program are to:

  • Trace and monitor contacts of infected people. Notify them of their exposure. (Investigation)
  • Support the quarantine of contacts. Help ensure the safe, sustainable and effective quarantine of contacts to prevent additional transmission. (Education)

Contact Tracing  is coordinated by the CDC due to their years of expertise in the field. They provide specific training about the disease for organizations , along with a multitude of other resources  as a support for organizations . As part of contact tracing the CDC requires states and organizations to:

  • Expand staffing resources. Contact tracing in the US will require that states, tribes, localities, and territorial establish large units of contact tracers.
  • Use digital tools. Adoption and evaluation of digital tools may expand reach and efficacy of contact tracers.

Some of these roles are likely to be outsourced to leading healthcare engagement solutions companies such as RelateCare. As RelateCare already possess the required skills, attitudes, and knowledge to support such programs and have assisted many healthcare organizations in future proofing their business since the crisis hit, integrating contact tracing is a natural step.

Key Features:

  • Strict approach to confidentiality and data compliance (RelateCare is IS0 27001 accredited).
  • Around the clock contact center facility with outbound dialer capabilities to promote connection rate efficiencies.
  • 100% call recording with robust quality assurance and a comprehensive reporting framework.
  • All contact tracers have access to an online knowledgebase which may be updated frequently as guidelines change.

Special Features:

  • Secure outbound texting contact options.
  • Support team consists of both clinical and contact center professionals including Registered Nurses.
  • Integrate with Contact Tracing applications and Bluetooth Devices
  • Training for in-house teams
  • Future proofing organizations with development of Case Investigator & Contact Tracer roles, to support inevitable spikes in coming months

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