Delivering Nurse Triage Solutions 24/7

In today's fast-paced world, despite extensive advancements in digital interactions, access to healthcare continues to be a growing concern. Patients are leading increasingly busy lives creating challenges in time to travel to health care facilities.

Patients living in rural areas may struggle with the distance required to visit their health care provider or be faced with significant shortages in health care worker capacity.   In such a scenario, the need for readily available, easily accessible healthcare support is more important than ever. These scenarios present tremendous opportunity for 24/7 telephonic care. For over a decade, RelateCare has been at the forefront of providing a nurse triage solution that ensures patients receive the right care at the right time, while supporting health systems with critical goals including reduction in unnecessary emergency room (ER) visits.

The Growing Need for 24/7 Phone-Based Healthcare Access

In recent years, the healthcare landscape has witnessed a transformation. Patients are no longer content with waiting days for appointments or enduring long commutes to healthcare facilities. With busy lives and growing demands on their time, they are seeking quicker and more convenient ways to access medical advice and support.

Moreover, many individuals reside in rural areas where healthcare facilities may be few and far between. The long distances and limited access to healthcare providers can make it challenging for individuals in these areas to receive the timely care they need.

Additionally, the ongoing nurse shortages in hospitals has created a gap on the capacity front to meet the demands of patient care. Nurses are often overwhelmed with their responsibilities, making it difficult for them to provide prompt assistance to all patients. In such a situation, a 24/7 phone-based healthcare solution becomes invaluable, acting as an extension to a hospital’s health care team.

RelateCare: Delivering 24/7 Nurse Triage Solutions

The core of our approach is rooted in eliciting crucial information from patients, understanding their chief complaint, and ensuring they receive the appropriate level of care or disposition following Schmitt Thompson clinical triage protocols. The Schmitt Thompson triage protocols are widely regarded as a gold standard in triage decision support. They provide healthcare professionals with a systematic and evidence-based approach to assessing patient complaints, determining the urgency of care, and recommending appropriate care pathways.

RelateCare’s dedicated Registered Nurse team handles thousands of calls annually, providing patients with immediate access to medical guidance. This solution has proven to be instrumental in reducing unnecessary ER visits, which not only eases the burden on healthcare facilities but also ensures that patients receive the right care for their needs, while also educating patients about their care options.

RelateCare’s Nurse Triage programs demonstrate strong success in managing clinical issues with 87-90% of all calls successfully handled by RelateCare RNs (Registered Nurses) without any need to escalate to in-house clinical teams.  With RelateCare teams managing almost 90% of incoming patient inquiries, physicians and clinical staff are able to refocus their time on direct face to face patient care. 

Additionally, Nurse Triage allows the triage team to care for today’s patient today and not delay care until the next working day, increasing patient satisfaction and improving outcomes.  Across our Nurse Triage portfolio, 42% of patients surveyed stated their first option without a triage solution in place would have been an emergency room visit.  Through Nurse Triage, RelateCare staff were able to assist these patients with getting an appointment or additionally getting them a virtual telehealth visit with an MD.  

Nurse Triage services allow us to be a direct seamless extension of healthcare organizations, but it also allows us to assist in patients’ needs and direct them to the most appropriate type of care.

Furthermore, the convenience and accessibility of 24/7 phone-based healthcare reduces the strain on emergency departments, allowing healthcare providers to allocate their resources more effectively.

Accessing healthcare 24/7 over the phone is no longer just a convenience; it is a necessity. RelateCare has been at the forefront of this healthcare revolution, providing patients with timely, expert guidance and helping healthcare systems become more efficient. As the world continues to evolve, the importance of readily available and easy to access healthcare support is only primed for growth. RelateCare’s commitment to 24/7 nurse triage solutions is making a significant difference in the lives of patients and the efficiency of healthcare systems alike.