Improving The Access Experience For All

Patient access is a complex ecosystem with a multitude of factors impacting supply, demand and the flow of services. We support healthcare systems and provider organizations to optimize the architecture behind their scheduling platform, positively impacting their patient's experience with access.

RelateCare’s Access Consultants work with client partners to impact scheduling workflows through a process of optimization. Our goal is to partner with clients to deliver a balanced, patient-centric and operationally sustainable process.

In this factsheet, we look at how RelateCare’s expert team evaluate the design of scheduling protocols and templates to understand drivers of capacity creation and tools to improve your access performance. Our team has deep expertise to navigate this evolving landscape. We engage with clients to understand their strategy and goals for an improved access experience for patients as well as clinicians.

By conducting an assessment of the system and methodologies applied to patient scheduling, RelateCare will generate recommendations, as well as engineer a delivery roadmap to support achieving your desired goals in access.

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