Meeting Patient Preferences: 24/7 Contact Center Services

For many organizations across many industries the appeal of having a 24/7 contact center is growing.

During the normal business hours of 8-5 Monday-Friday, it can be challenging for people to make appointments, find information, or seek reassurance from an organization. People seem busier than ever, working jobs, commuting, taking care of kids, all while looking after their own health and wellbeing.

But more and more organizations across the spectrum are realizing the value of being available for your consumers whenever they need it.

And, nowhere is this truer than in the healthcare industry.

As well as catering to an increasingly busy patient demographic, who are growing more accustomed to on-demand services, healthcare is unique in that patients can develop a genuine need to connect with their healthcare provider at any time day or night. Even if it is not something requiring an emergency call, the patient can feel vulnerable and confused until they can reach their provider to seek reassurance, guidance on next steps, information or just someone to talk to be it during public holidays, weekends or out of hours.

But of course, it can be difficult for providers to justify running a 24/7 conctact center. It can be costly to maintain and run one all day and night.

Also, it can be difficult to manage your workforce, so you have the right level of staffing at the right times to deal with the ebbs and flows of patient demand. The volume of calls can differ significantly from 3am on a Thursday night to 10 am on a Monday morning, for example.

Because of these challenges, finding the right outsourcing partner is often the best decision, both in terms of cost efficiency and patient experience. It allows healthcare providers, both large and small, to offer their patients round-the-clock access to care, while maintaining their focus on their core competencies.

RelateCare offer 24/7 contact center support to healthcare organizations across the globe. We have the infrastructure and the expert staff, both clinical and administrative, to provide the support you need to make sure your patients can access the care they need when they need it, no matter what the time day or night. We pride ourselves on being more than an answering service and feel its important to offer our partners and their patients the same degree of excellence regardless of the time of the day or day of the week.

At RelateCare, our focus is on becoming an extension of your pre-existing operations. We aim to integrate our innovative technological infrastructure with your systems in a seamless manner so that we can easily handle overflow where needed, or fully manage your contact center needs.

Our staff are experienced in dealing with all kinds of patient queries. We have a team of Registered Nurses that can triage patients and offer support, guidance and escalation pathways where required. We also have Patient Service Representatives who are experienced in guiding patients through appointment scheduling and revenue cycle processes.

We believe now is the time that healthcare organization rise to the changing demands of patient preference and meet your patient population where they are and at a time of convenience. To find out more get in touch with RelateCare at