RelateCare & Cleveland Clinic Post-Discharge Contact Program Success!

Established in 2011, Cleveland Clinic’s Post Discharge Contact Program (PDC) supports safe care-transitions for patients from discharge to home, while increasing continuity of care, promoting “One Cleveland Clinic,” and fostering an additional connection between patients and the Enterprise.

The PDC program is also utilized to address readmissions by identifying patients at risk for readmission and directing them to the appropriate resources.

The program utilizes RelateCare Student Nurses to call Cleveland Clinic patients without a Cleveland Clinic PCP who have been discharged to home or home health care after at least a 24-hour inpatient stay. Patients are contacted 1-3 days after discharge and are asked a series of questions focusing on discharge instructions, follow up appointments, medications, new or worsening symptoms, and experience.

If escalations are triggered from patient responses, Student Nurses follow instructions in the script and direct patients to the appropriate resources, which might include RelateCare RN Nurse on Call, the Cleveland Clinic Appointment Center, Cleveland Clinic Pharmacy, Social Work or Care Management. In addition, patients may be warm transferred back to the discharging Institute or department or directed to call their PCP.

In 2020, the Cleveland Clinic Post Discharge Contact (PDC) Program reached out to 50,348 Cleveland Clinic patients with a 68% connection rate.

Patient engagement and care continuity are more important than ever before. RelateCare is proud to work with Cleveland Clinic on such an important initiative.

Please check out our infographic below!

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