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Delivering Nurse Triage Solutions 24/7

In today’s fast-paced world, despite extensive advancements in digital interactions, access to healthcare continues to be a growing concern. Patients are leading increasingly busy lives creating challenges in time to travel to health care facilities.

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Quality Control: Why It’s Essential for your Healthcare Contact Center!

In the next edition of our Consultancy & Advisory thought-leadership series, we take a deep-dive into Quality Management Systems with our Director of Quality Assurance, Mary May. An experienced and knowledgeable expert in all aspects of quality solutions, Mary tells us about the subtle but important distinction between Quality Assurance and Quality Control, and why understanding this difference is key to a fully comprehensive and robust quality program.

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Why consider Centralizing your Healthcare Contact Center?

More healthcare providers are making the strategic choice to centralize their patient access operations in an effort to move towards a a smoother, more streamlined experience for their patients, gaining in efficiencies and reducing waste. Regardless of the size or fragmentation of a healthcare system, this remains a viable option for strategic improvement.

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Business Continuity Plans for the Healthcare Contact Center

How do we prepare for the unexpected? This is a question that lurks in the background during normal times but has come to the fore recently. The last number of years have brought all sorts of crises and disasters, including a global pandemic, severe weather events and an increase in cyberattacks.

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Why are Contact Center Outsourcing Partnerships Gaining Momentum?

Transforming customer engagement through optimizing contact center operations has long been considered a way to gain a competitive advantage across many sectors including banking, telecommunications, and retail. One popular tactic has been to partner with business process outsourcing organizations to leverage their expertise to enhance efficiencies and improve the customer experience.  This approach has enabled organizations to focus on internal core competencies while their partners focus on highly impactful programs of change.

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