Our Leaders

Our leaders have a deep understanding of healthcare systems, having worked in contact center management and/or within large healthcare organizations.  They bring passion, knowledge, and healthcare expertise to every project.  Our leaders roll up their sleeves, operating as a strategic partner to our clients, so that together we can deliver extraordinary things for patients and healthcare organizations.

Why do they do it? Our leaders are passionate about health equity and improving patient outcomes.  

Conor O'Byrne MBA

Leading RelateCare since it’s inception, CEO Conor O’Byrne has over 20 years experience of working with leading healthcare providers in strategic and advisory roles. He was involved in Enterprise Irelands Connected Health Steering Committee and is a former board member of the Center for Applied Research for Connected Health (ARCH). Conor was the lead consultant on the centralization of Cleveland Clinic’s Access to Care function. He holds an Executive MBA.

Tim O'Byrne ACA

Tim O’Byrne serves as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at RelateCare, a position he has held since 2022. As the CFO, Tim plays a pivotal role in steering the company’s financial strategy and overseeing its operational performance. His responsibilities extend across various critical domains, including finance, business intelligence, compliance, and continuous improvement.

Before joining RelateCare, Tim spent several years at PwC Ireland, where he honed his skills in financial analysis, auditing, and taxation. Following this, Tim gained experience working in a group finance role in Glanbia plc gaining invaluable insights into the industry’s commercial and operational aspects. Tim’s expertise is not just in numbers and reports but also in aligning financial management with the company’s broader commercial objectives. This alignment is crucial for ensuring sustainable growth and maintaining market competitiveness.

Tim holds both undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications from the South East Technological University (SETU) of Ireland. 

In his role as CFO, Tim plays a crucial part in the financial and strategic management of RelateCare. He is not only responsible for maintaining the company’s financial health, but also actively contributing to the executive decision-making process. Tim is key in driving optimization projects across the group, focusing on enhancing operational efficiency and compliance with financial regulations.  These initiatives have been critical to RelateCare’s continued growth and success.

Eibhlín Payne

Eibhlín Payne is a distinguished alumna of Trinity College Dublin. With an extensive professional background spanning Ireland, the UK, and the USA, she has excelled across diverse industries such as Healthcare, Entertainment/Gaming, Telecoms, Automotive, and Hospitality/Retail. Eibhlíns expertise lies in Global Operations Best Practice, Service Delivery & Support, Contact Centre Management, International Leadership, Organizational Transformation, and Change Management.

Throughout her career, Eibhlín has led large-scale workforces across the USA, Europe, and Asia. She has been instrumental in transforming traditional operations into fully integrated, multi-channel customer experience strategies. Her contributions to the industry have earned her a reputation as a leader in her field.

Eibhlín brings remarkable leadership skills, guided large-scale workforces across the USA, Europe, and Asia. Known for her ability to reinvent traditional operations, Eibhlín specializes in creating fully integrated, multi-channel customer experience strategies.

Dana Cameron

Dana Cameron, Senior Access Optimization Consultant:  Prior to joining the company, Dana worked at Cleveland Clinic for over 35 years as Lead Systems Analyst, instrumental in design and implementation of Electronic Scheduling Protocols. Currently, Dana leads complex change management projects centered around coordination of care models with emphasis on patient access. Dana’s areas of expertise encompass optimizing patient access pathways, process mapping and designing future state, streamlining scheduling practices and data analysis. She holds various Epic certifications.

Chad MacLennan MHA

Chad MacLennan is an experienced Operations Consultant specializing in driving improvements in operational efficiency and effectiveness. 15+ years of expertise in senior leadership roles, Chad is dedicated to identifying areas of opportunity within current operations, workflows, and processes to maximize organizational success.

As an expert in his field, Chad excels in developing clear roles and responsibilities, streamlining work processes, and establishing key metrics for enhancing patient, colleague, and provider retention, engagement, and satisfaction.

With a keen focus on continuous improvement, Chad leverages his extensive knowledge and insights to drive sustainable operational enhancements. His strategic approach and commitment to excellence have consistently delivered tangible results, making him a valuable asset to any organization seeking to optimize its operational performance. Chad prioritizes the well-being of colleagues, promoting a healthy work/life balance, while striving to create an exceptional patient experience.

Valerie O'Brien MBA

Valerie O’ Brien is RelateCare’s Director of Business Development and is responsible for new partner growth, account optimization, and partner satisfaction across key markets. An alumnus of Waterford Institute of Technology and the University of Aberdeen, Valerie achieved a first-class bachelor honors degree in International Business and was awarded School of Business Student of the Year in 2015. Additionally, Valerie received a distinction grade in her Master’s in Business Administration (MBA global) in Entrepreneurship and Global Consultancy practice.

Kari Kontz RN BSN

Kari is a highly accomplished professional serving as the Director of Nursing, Clinical, and Wellness Programs at RelateCare. With an unwavering dedication to excellence, Kari specializes in designing and implementing cutting-edge Clinical Communication Programs that significantly enhance patient care and satisfaction. Kari’s expertise lies in the development and execution of comprehensive Clinical Communication Programs, including 24/7 Centralized Telephonic Nurse Triage services, Post Discharge Follow-Up, Clinical Quality Assurance Support Programs, and Clinical Outreach programs.

Kari has played a pivotal role in advising RelateCare’s esteemed partners on critical aspects such as triage protocols, omnichannel utilization, call flow and scripting, escalation pathways.

Prior to joining RelateCare, Kari distinguished herself as a Registered Nurse at MedStar Washington Hospital in DC, where she consistently displayed exemplary commitment and expertise in patient care. Her exceptional contributions were recognized when she was awarded Nurse of the Year in 2010. With Kari Kontz at the helm of your nursing and clinical programs, you can trust in her visionary leadership, exceptional attention to detail, and unwavering dedication to optimizing patient outcomes.

Mary May

Mary has over a decade of experience in Quality, Training and Contact Center Management.  Mary has worked with RelateCare since its inception, leading RelateCare’s Quality Assurance division. Mary designs and optimizes partner-specific Quality Programs and is an expert in the development of Industry Best Practice Quality Scorecards with a focus on exceptional patient experience. Mary is a Member of the National Association of Healthcare Access Management (NAHAM).

Sladjana Djordjic

Sladjana has over 10 years of Revenue Cycle experience. Her career in health care began at Cleveland Clinic where she has gained a lot of her knowledge of front and back end of Revenue Cycle. She began working for RelateCare in 2018. Sladjana has worked with health systems across United States to implement and standardize Pre Access workflows, including scheduling, registration, referral management, financial counseling, and pre-authorization to reduce denials and increase patient satisfaction. Develop strategies to forecast and prepare for project manager demand and capacity in advance of initiatives that will require support across Revenue Cycle with Epic implementation. She works with clients to gather requirements, design, install and maintain accurate and efficient revenue cycle workflows specific to Epic Systems. She has expertise in the development and design of reports and dashboards for Executive leadership across enterprises that identify gaps and opportunities to reduce leakage and improve patient care. She recently worked at Allegheny Health Network where she was a Director of Revenue Cycle Systems team, with a primary role of optimizing Epic capabilities for AHN processes. In addition to her work experience, Sladjana has completed her Bachelors Degree in Health Service Administration and Masters in Science Management.

Linda Flynn

Linda is a seasoned professional in the telecommunications and customer services outsourcing industry with 15+ years of experience within the Contact Center Environment and Management Training. Her extensive expertise spans across various sectors and industries, including Banking, IT, Retail, Insurance, Healthcare, and Government.

Linda’s exceptional ability to cultivate and nurture high-profile client relationships and networks has been instrumental in driving growth and ensuring client satisfaction throughout her career. Her deep understanding of diverse industries allows her to tailor solutions that meet the unique needs and challenges of each sector.

Linda also brings a wealth of experience from the Hospitality industry, having worked in Ireland and the Channel Islands. This diverse background enhances her perspective and enables her to leverage creative thinking to deliver exceptional customer experiences. Linda’s commitment to excellence is reflected in her focus on delivering best practices and award-winning customer experiences. She combines her extensive knowledge and innovative approach to develop strategies that elevate customer service and drive business success.

Valerie O’Keeffe MBS

Valerie O’Keeffe is an esteemed member of RelateCare, serving as key Manager within Irish operations her role has expanded to include RelateCare’s Polish operation. With a remarkable tenure at the organization, she stands as one of the longest-serving employees, demonstrating her dedication and commitment to RelateCare’s mission. With over 15 years of experience in the contact center industry, Valerie has honed her expertise in leading and managing teams within the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) sector. Her comprehensive knowledge of contact center operations allows her to drive operational excellence and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Valerie’s academic achievements further contribute to her professional prowess. Holding an undergraduate Bachelor’s degree in Science, as well as a Masters in Lean Enterprise Excellence and a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt certification, she brings a deep understanding of process improvement methodologies to her role. This enables her to identify areas for optimization, streamline workflows, and enhance overall operational efficiency.

Prior to joining RelateCare, Valerie also worked in research and analytics, enriching her skill set and strategic mindset.  Valerie’s leadership and expertise significantly contribute to the success of the Waterford Contact Center.

Veronica Soultz R.T.(R)(ARRT), MBA

Veronica Soultz is a dedicated professional serving as the Director of US Contact Center Operations at RelateCare. With a deep passion for patient care, Veronica brings a wealth of experience in call center operations, healthcare, and direct patient contact to her role.

Before joining RelateCare, Veronica held a key position as the manager of a specialty pharmacy call center for Accredo, a division of Cigna. Her experience in managing call center operations within the healthcare sector has equipped her with valuable insights into delivering exceptional patient experiences.

Prior to her role at Cigna, Veronica worked as a Radiologic Technologist for AtlantiCare, where she gained firsthand experience in direct patient care. Additionally, her commitment to serving the community led her to volunteer as an EMT first responder in New Jersey, further highlighting her dedication to the well-being of others. Veronica’s extensive background in healthcare, combined with her expertise in call center operations, positions her as a valuable asset in ensuring the delivery of high-quality patient care. Her compassionate approach and patient-centered mindset drive her to optimize contact center operations.