Agent Connection Week

Our Training Team recently hosted RelateCare’s Inaugural “AGENT CONNECTION WEEK”. The goal of the week was to give RelateCare’s employees an opportunity to learn and share knowledge about our various areas of expertise including operations, consultancy, training, quality, workforce management, sales and marketing etc.  Members of leadership from almost all verticals of our business took time out to deliver talk’s discussing their chosen area with RelateCare, including their day-to-day role and responsibilities. 

The week kicked off with Director of Irish Operations, Kevin Kehoe sharing first-hand experience how to progress within RelateCare. Kevin has over 15 years’ experience working in strategic and operational roles in the contact center sector and shared some real nuggets of information that will hopefully give employee’s the courage and insights required to make the next step in their career path with the company. This trend continued with Carmel Carlin from HR sharing excellent interview tips and tricks designed to equip staff members with the skills required to be successful in the interview process. 

Paul Harte and Siobhan Mowatt imparted their knowledge as to what it takes to become a member of the busy training team with RelateCare and what the role entails day to day. Ian Gourlay discussed the nuances of Workforce Management in the call center sector and what happens behind the scenes to ensure we are staffed effectively across our hours of operation.  

Members of the Quality Assurance team Stephen, Emma, Sharon & Paul delivered a great talk on the critical role our Quality Assurance and Quality Control team play in order to successfully achieve patient experience and quality accuracy targets.   Director of Professional Services, Marc Merriman shared details of RelateCare’s Consultancy division and how we help healthcare organizations enhance and optimize their own internal patient access and contact center models.  

Deirdre Halpin a vital member of the professional services team shared information on how we onboard new outsourced programs detailing the discovery phase that is required to ensure we collate accurate information in order to be successful.   Head of Project Management Mike Rigney & Project Manager Fionn Power discussed the importance of rigorous project management methodologies to ensure successful delivery of services on-time and of course on budget!  Laura Wiggins a leader within our Clinical & Wellness division spoke about the importance of delivery high quality care and our important role as caregivers working on behalf of our partners.  RelateCare’s Lean Continuous Improvement team (Ian Gourlay, Richie Dawson and Jason Power) shared how RelateCare has utilize Lean Philosophies to maximize value and minimize waste across all areas of our business. Office365 maestros Richie Dawson and Saoirse Kirby delivered an excellent workshop on the utilization of Excel and PowerPoint.  

Valerie O’Brien, Director of Business Development shared emerging trends across the contact center and healthcare industry and outlined ways in which RelateCare attempt to showcase our brand and service offering in front of the right audiences across the globe.   Valerie O Keeffe presented how her operational team ensured all client needs were seen to, inside RelateCare with a snapshot of how she manages the day to day running of the contact center. 

The week concluded with RelateCare’s Chief Executive Officer Conor O’Byrne delivering an inspiring talk on his journey from working as a customer service agent with Rigneydolphin while studying Business in WIT, to spending time in Cleveland ten-years ago as Rigneydolphin’s Director of Connected Health to eventually becoming RelateCare CEO and leading the business from four employees in 2012 to now having over 400 team members across the globe. Conor articulated his vision for RelateCare as we look to expand and optimize our service offering, become an employer of choice, remain at the cutting-edge of the industry, and continue to add value to our partners and patient we service. 

Overall, Agent Connection Week was a huge success. The hope is to continue Agent Connection Week in near future across all locations. Sharing knowledge internally helps us to grow and ensure we are offering our partners the very best service possible.