Ed Corr joins the RelateCare as Head of Workforce Management

Ed Corr has joined the RelateCare and Rigneydolphin Group as Head of Workforce Management (WFM) Manager. As Head of WFM, Ed will have responsibility for providing the strategic direction required to optimally staff our Contact Centre teams and lead our WFM & Reporting Team across all physical and remote locations in the Group.

Ed will be leading the team in analysing trends, providing insightful forecasting and scheduling data analysis to support senior management in making key business decisions and supporting organisational growth.

RelateCare are thrilled to welcome someone of Ed’s experience to the team.

Ed is an experienced WFM Leader with extensive experience in Workforce Management, Operations, Service Delivery and Support. He has managed local and global teams in Sales, Customer Service and Technical Support in the sectors of Insurance, Telecommunications, Car Rental, Out-sourcing and IT/Enterprise Security. He has also operated as Business/Product owner for WFM Systems from Aspect and NICE to Verint and Bright Pattern Zipwire and Noble Telephony Platforms.

Ed has 22 years’ experience in Workforce Management starting with a five-year tenure working for Hertz Europe in Swords, Count Dublin. He was part of the inaugural WFM Team in Vodafone Ireland in 2005 and in 2008 he was part of the team that implemented Aspect eWFM in Symantec Enterprise Support Services. Over nearly nine years, Ed went on to lead Symantec’s Global WFM Team who Support Symantec’s Customer Care, Technical Support and Consumer Business units. In 2017 Ed led the Verint WFO implementation in The AA Ireland across their Inbound and Outbounds Sales and Customer Care departments.

Ed lives in Mornington, County Meath and is married to Lorna and has two children, Kalem who is 19 years old and Riley who is 9 years old. Ed enjoys eating out, music and plays and collects Guitars.

Speaking on his new role, Ed said:

I’m thrilled to have joined RelateCare. The welcome I’ve received has been immense and I’m really looking forward to forging great new relationships with everyone I meet.”

Group COO of RelateCare & Rigneydolphin Eibhlin Payne said:

“We are very excited to have Ed joining our team as Head of Workforce Management. The last 18 months has completely changed the way organisations need to engage and utilise their resources and his track record and experience across multiple industries and workforce optimisation technologies is a huge addition to the Group. By all accounts he is an exceptional leader, and he will be a huge asset for us in building confidence and relationships with internal and external stakeholders as we continue to grow both in Ireland and internationally.”