The Future of Patient Access Publication.

RelateCare Featured in Perspectives on Healthcare Innovation

RelateCare, along with Cleveland Clinic,Cisco Systems and SmartShape, leading the way for innovative solutions to improve Patient Access.


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The Future of Patient Access Publication.
[two_thirds]Cleveland, OH: – As part of a program examining the future of healthcare delivery, the Global Center for Health Innovation in Cleveland has published a series of innovation stories that focus on several key challenges in healthcare today.

Patient Access remains one of the major keys to the future of healthcare delivery. If we cannot efficiently deliver care to those who need it, when they need it, it doesn’t matter how well trained our doctors are, or how sophisticated our procedures and knowledge become.

RelateCare, alongside Cleveland Clinic, Cisco Systems and SmartShape, has been deemed a leader in the field of Patient Access for work in Patient Access Optimization, Appointment Scheduling models, state-of-the-art Healthcare Contact Center expertise, and Post Discharge Follow-up Programs.

The Patient Access Story (see PDF) is entitled “The Future of Patient Access”. It outlines the patient journey from first point of contact, to post discharge, and highlights the many ways that these organizations are providing innovative solutions and using technology to improve access to care.

The story is located in a booklet of stories about cutting edge innovation in healthcare – from interoperability, to value based care, to payment models – that will be distributed at all the events held in the Global Center, eventually reaching thousands of people. They just held the annual conference of the American Association of Healthcare Journalists. Later this year, they will host the Republican National Convention.
Through innovation and collaboration of organizations like RelateCare, Cleveland Clinic and Cisco Systems, the future of patient access is happening now.

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