RelateCare Partners with Epharmix to Create Powerful Patient Engagement Solution

RelateCare, LLC, a leading healthcare communications organization, announced that it has partnered with Epharmix, the leader in evidence-based remote patient monitoring to offer health care organizations a comprehensive and scalable solution that improves patient outcomes and experience while reducing avoidable hospitalizations and readmissions

Healthcare organizations are under tremendous pressure to ensure clinical personnel are being utilized at the top of their license. Staff struggle to balance offering the personal touch patients desire after discharge with the daily needs of their growing patient load. Pressure increases with the addition of value-based contracts, leaving organizations to struggle finding accessible, scalable solutions that allow them to remain engaged with their patients long after they return to the community.

RelateCare’s proven clinical care communication programs offers personalized extension of hospitals for their patient’s post discharge.  Partnering with Epharmix’s evidence-based SMS text and phone-based disease specific monitoring now allows health care organizations to more effectively monitor and engage their at-risk patient populations for much longer time periods preventing unnecessary ED visits or worsening of symptoms.

[quote_content]As health systems face a shortage of nurses and clinical staff, this unique partnership combines our powerful, clinically validated, remote patient monitoring platform with RelateCare’s highly-trained clinical staff to create an efficient and effective patient engagement solution[/quote_content]
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RelateCare’s Post Discharge Call Back program improved HCAHP Patient Satisfaction Scores for providers on the West Coast and helped greatly reduce readmissions for other hospitals in the Midwest.  RelateCare’s team of experienced Registered Nurses, Medical Assistants, and Health Coaches help healthcare organizations seamlessly manage and co-ordinate patient care via a custom appointment scheduling, nurse triage, post discharge and wellness solutions so that patients receive the right level of care and support when they need it.

Epharmix accelerates the communication process between patients and their clinical teams by sending automated SMS text messages or phone calls to the patient’s own devices to collect patient-reported and disease-specific biometrics and symptoms. The interventions are evidence-based and validated in the Epharmix Research Center, an independent entity hubbed in the Washington University and St. Louis University schools of medicine.  Questions are written at a 4th-6th grade reading level and ask only the most pertinent questions at just the right frequency.  Epharmix collects patient-reported data and runs it through their algorithms to risk stratify patient responses in real-time, providing actionable data and alerts back to the care team.

[blockquote type=”2″ position=”default” author=””]By asking the perfect question, at the right time with the right frequency, Epharmix provides an exceptional defence for providers with their rising risk patient population.[/blockquote]

Epharmix enables care teams to intervene with the right patient in a timely manner to prevent a readmission or exacerbation.

Unlike many other market solutions for patient engagement Epharmix’s solution does not require a smartphone, patient training, log ins, or a data plan. Epharmix works with any phone, including flip phones and landlines. This powerful and accessible approach to patient engagement ensures ALL patients across regardless of health literacy, tech savvy, and socio-economic backgrounds can receive the care and monitoring they need.

[quote_content]Partnering with Epharmix allows us to extend the level of support we can offer patients as they transition between care settings. Keeping patients engaged in their healthcare has always been our goal, and combining our clinical infrastructure with Epharmix’s communication platform, we are taking a step closer to a fully comprehensive solution to patient access and engagement[/quote_content]
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As competition increases in the marketplace, healthcare entities need to find solutions that improve patient experience and engagement to help deliver better care while reducing costs.

The proven success of both RelateCare and Epharmix gives healthcare organizations confidence and capacity to engage patients in multiple stages of their care journey. Savvy healthcare leaders looking for exceptional, affordable solutions to extend scope and positively reflect their brand would do well to partner with these organizations.

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RelateCare is a healthcare communications organization that specializes in patient access and patient engagement solutions. RelateCare began as a joint venture in 2013 between Rigneydolphin, a leading Irish-based contact center company with over 25 years contact center experience, and the Cleveland Clinic, following a relationship which began in 2009. By combining Rigneydolphin’s excellence in contact center management and Cleveland Clinic’s expertise in healthcare delivery, the company was formed to help healthcare organizations provide bespoke contact center solutions, including appointment scheduling, patient outreach, nurse triage and post-discharge call-back programs from their patient coordination centers in Cleveland and Waterford, Ireland. For more information, visit

About Epharmix

Epharmix is the leader in evidence-based remote patient monitoring that accelerates the communication process between care managers and their high and rising-risk patients. Automated SMS text and phone-based messages specific to a patient’s medical condition are sent to the patient’s own device including smartphone, pay-as-you-go phones and landlines. Epharmix collects and risk-stratifies patient-reported biometrics and symptoms and sends actionable alerts to care teams enabling timely outreach to prevent unnecessary hospitalizations or exacerbations. See how we help providers succeed in value-based care at or try a self-guided demo at

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