RelateCare To Open Patient Coordination Center in Cleveland, Ohio

RelateCare began as a joint venture between the Cleveland Clinic and Ireland-based Rigneydolphin in 2013 and now expects more than 100 jobs to be created over the next 18 months as a result of this milestone expansion.

The new Patient Coordination Center is due to open in October 2016 and will be an addition to RelateCare’s existing network of offices which are based in Waterford, Ireland, Cleveland, and Boston. Working with RelateCare enables healthcare providers to communicate directly with their patients using the latest multi-channel technological solutions across multiple time zones.

The company’s areas of expertise include Patient Access Optimization, Clinical & Wellness program development, as well as Contact Center Design & Optimization. RelateCare has already delivered this range of services to some of the United States’ leading healthcare organizations such as Cleveland Clinic, Stanford Children’s Health, Texas Children’s Hospital, University of South Florida Health and the VNA Health Group.

Commenting on the expansion, RelateCare CEO, Conor O’Byrne, indicated how “RelateCare has partnered with some of the leading brands in healthcare and is uniquely positioned to provide the people and tools that make healthcare more accessible to patients and their families. The Cleveland development is particularly exciting for us as it allows RelateCare to offer a more expansive range of services including Financial Clearance and Care Coordination activities. We look forward to growing our workforce on both sides of the Atlantic and deepening our value proposition with our client partners both existing and new”.