The Value of Nurse Triage: Interview with RelateCare Director of Nursing, Clinical and Wellness

Next in our RelateCare Consultancy and Advisory series, we talk to our Director of Nursing, Clinical and Wellness, Kari Kontz about our Nurse Triage programs. Kari Kontz is Director of Nursing, Clinical and Wellness programs at RelateCare. At RelateCare, Kari specializes in the creation, design, and implementation of Clinical Communication Programs such as; 24/7 Centralized […]

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RelateCare’s Nurse Triage Solution

RelateCare’s Nurse Triage solution is designed to provide patients with direct telephone access to a team of Registered Nurses. This ensures patients can access care when and where they need it, while also alleviating the pressure on over-burdened health systems. Simply by picking up their phone and making a call a patient can receive quality […]

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RelateCare & Cleveland Clinic Post-Discharge Contact Program Success!

Established in 2011, Cleveland Clinic’s Post Discharge Contact Program (PDC) supports safe care-transitions for patients from discharge to home, while increasing continuity of care, promoting “One Cleveland Clinic,” and fostering an additional connection between patients and the Enterprise. The PDC program is also utilized to address readmissions by identifying patients at risk for readmission and […]

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