Appointment Scheduling

Patient appointment scheduling on an iphone.

What is it?

In today’s competitive environment, healthcare organizations need to be proactive in engaging patients. We offer patient outreach services to connect with patients beyond the four walls of the hospital. Whether it is a timely reminder of an upcoming appointment, or to advise on medication adherence, care is no longer something that happens only when patients get sick.

How does it work?

From our state-of-the-art call centers, we handle appointment scheduling overflow for leading healthcare organizations. Our Guided Scheduling Questionnaires ensure that anyone scheduling a patient appointment benefits from technology enabled and clinically driven questionnaires to allow for patient-centric scheduling.

Why do you need it?

If your organization needs to do any of the below then RelateCare can help.

  • Increase its access to care
  • Improve physician utilization
  • Enhance agent productivity
  • Needs to standardize its scheduling system to offer a consistent experience to patients

Patient Testimonials

You have been the best person that I have spoken to so far! Thank you Patrick, I really appreciate it

Patient, Appointment Scheduling Service, California, USA

I received excellent advice from Amanda. She was very practical, helpful and supportive. This is a fantastic resource. Thank you.

Patient, Lactation Service, Ireland

It’s so nice to have someone here to listen to me

Patient, Post Discharge Service, Cleveland, USA

I want to let you know that Leah is phenomenal, she is most excellent, expedious, kind, knowledgeable. I have called through and spoken to her a couple of times now and she is as patient as can be so I want to let you know that I would give her 10 stars plus.

Patient, Appointment Scheduling Service, Boston, USA.

The RelateCare nurse truly went above and beyond to try to help this patient, including contacting the police, a suicide hotline and working with our clinic staff to contact a provider. I was extremely impressed and proud of this work. Really, really outstanding.

Healthcare Leader, Nurse Triage Service, Texas, USA.

The customer services representative who assisted me was… exceptionally friendly, helpful, and professional. Good customer service is not as common as one would hope.

Patient, Appointment Scheduling Service, Texas, USA.

you have been the most helpful person I have dealt with through this situation and I want to thank you so very much

Patient, Appointment Scheduling Service, St. Louis, USA.

Patrick went the extra mile, he was compassionate and made our experience so much easier

Patient, Appointment Scheduling Service, California, USA.

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