Nurse Triage (24/7)

Nurse on Call RelateCare.

What is it?

RelateCare operate with a Registered Nurse (RN) led model whereby when a patient requires medical advice, RelateCare’s Registered Nurses will listen to the patients concerns/needs/symptoms, utilize clinical nursing judgment, critical thinking, and peer reviewed electronic clinical Schmitt-Thompson protocols to assist the patient in their query, recommend next steps and direct them to the most appropriate type of care.

How does it work?

RelateCare partners with healthcare organization in the design, development and outsourcing of best-in-class Nurse Triage programs. Patient calls are routed to RelateCare’s trained, appropriately qualified and  licenced RN team around the clock who handle triage calls. Our nurses have the ability to document directly into a patients chart and can direct patients to the appropriate level of care. RelateCare provides clients real-time access to key performance indicators and collaborates with partners to utilize the program to gather pertinent business impacting insights.

Why do you need it?

Nurse Triage programs have proven success in the reduction of unnecessary Emergency Department visits and increasing provider satisfaction. Patients benefit from a greater in-depth assessment of their symptoms to improve the quality of care utilizing evidence-based adult and pediatric protocols. When escalations are needed, RelateCare follow designed guidelines and if required reach out to the appropriate internal care team members; Medical Doctor (MD) or Nurse Practitioner (NP) to ensure the patients’ needs are addressed.

Patient Testimonials

You have been the best person that I have spoken to so far! Thank you Patrick, I really appreciate it

Patient, Appointment Scheduling Service, California, USA

I received excellent advice from Amanda. She was very practical, helpful and supportive. This is a fantastic resource. Thank you.

Patient, Lactation Service, Ireland

It’s so nice to have someone here to listen to me

Patient, Post Discharge Service, Cleveland, USA

I want to let you know that Leah is phenomenal, she is most excellent, expedious, kind, knowledgeable. I have called through and spoken to her a couple of times now and she is as patient as can be so I want to let you know that I would give her 10 stars plus.

Patient, Appointment Scheduling Service, Boston, USA.

The RelateCare nurse truly went above and beyond to try to help this patient, including contacting the police, a suicide hotline and working with our clinic staff to contact a provider. I was extremely impressed and proud of this work. Really, really outstanding.

Healthcare Leader, Nurse Triage Service, Texas, USA.

The customer services representative who assisted me was… exceptionally friendly, helpful, and professional. Good customer service is not as common as one would hope.

Patient, Appointment Scheduling Service, Texas, USA.

you have been the most helpful person I have dealt with through this situation and I want to thank you so very much

Patient, Appointment Scheduling Service, St. Louis, USA.

Patrick went the extra mile, he was compassionate and made our experience so much easier

Patient, Appointment Scheduling Service, California, USA.

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