Appointment Scheduling

Patient appointment scheduling on an iphone.

Excellence in patient access means getting the patient to the right appointment with the right provider, at the right time, every time. Our appointment scheduling knowledge and expertise allow us to create scheduling systems that improve the patient experience and increased physician utilization.

Patient Outreach

Healthcare Call Center patient outreach

In today’s competitive environment, healthcare organizations need to be proactive in engaging patients. We offer patient outreach services to connect with patients beyond the four walls of the hospital. Whether it is a timely reminder of an upcoming appointment, or to advise on medication adherence, care is no longer something that happens only when patients get sick.

They are experts in the field of patient access, with a strong focus on the importance of the patient experience. They always respond to our needs with integrity and flexibility.”

Gus Carvajal, VP Consulting, GCIC – Stanford Children’s Health

Do your patient’s need more engagement?