Post Discharge Follow Up Program

Post Discharge Follow Up

The Post Discharge Follow Up Program is a program aimed at reaching out to patients after they have been discharged from hospital in order to guide them through their transition home, reassure them about their recovery process, remind them of their medication adherence guidelines, and catch any red flags.

Nurse on Call

Nurse on Call RelateCare

Our Nurse On Call program provides 24/7 access to systematic, high quality healthcare advice with superior customer service in an efficient and personalized manner. Our team of Registered Nurses aims to identify the nature and urgency of client health care needs and determine the appropriate treatment of escalation.

Smoking Cessation

Smoking Cessation Program RelateCare

RelateCare offers a fully certified, multi-channel advice and support hotline to assist those who wish to quit smoking. The objective of the interactive service is to convert contacts from smokers into quit attempts by functioning as a one stop shop linking new and returning clients to cessation supports and advice.

Communication is critical as we seek to improve value patients while lowering costs. RelateCare is uniquely positioned to provide the tools and processes that will make healthcare providers more accessible to patients.”

Dr. Thomas J. Graham, Chief Innovation Officer – Cleveland Clinic

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