Quality Assurance

RelateCare Healthcare Call Center Quality Assurance

A high level of customer service with front line staff acting as the first point of contact for patients seeking care is essential to a positive patient experience. Our Quality Assurance programs help organizations maintain best practice standards through call reporting, real-time analytics, screen capture, regular feedback and training.

Workforce Management

Healthcare call center workforce management.

Staffing is a key element for any business that requires a robust management model to support it. RelateCare offers best practice Workforce Optimization practices and guidelines that will ensure an organization’s patient access strategies are delivered in the most cost-effective and efficient manner.

Business Intelligence and Analytics

Healthcare Call Center Watchtower and Analytics

Our Business Intelligence and Analytics program use a variety of tools, applications, and methodologies to enable organizations to collect data from internal and external systems so that leadership can make better decisions.


Increase HCAHPS Score

Working with a range of world-class health systems, we are developing a system of benchmarking to indicate best-in-class healthcare contact center operations. Benchmarking provides necessary insights to help you understand how your organization compares with similar organizations around the globe.

RelateCare’s partnership has been pivotal in the growth of VNAHG’s Connected Health Institute as we continue to find ways to use telephonic and information technology to better care for our patients and their families.

Dr. Steve Landers, President – Visiting Nurse Association

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