The Value of Employee Engagement within the Healthcare Contact Centre

The nature of healthcare contact centres is changing at a rapid pace. Patients are becoming increasingly comfortable with online self-service tools. The remaining live calls to contact centres are often quite complex to resolve, and so, in order to provide consistent high-quality patient experiences, it is necessary to have experienced, knowledgeable patient service representatives with […]

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RelateCare Patient Support Model

Virtual visits are a relatively new phenomenon for many patients. In a recent press release from Epic, one organization in New York experienced an increase from 20 to 1,300 virtual care sessions in a matter of days and has subsequently increased to an average of 6,500 virtual visits daily1.  In California, Stanford Children’s Health clinicians […]

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Quality Assurance and the Healthcare Contact Center

This article is part of RelateCare’s ongoing blog series featuring our consultants and their area of expertise. The below is by our Head of Quality Assurance, Mary May. As we all know, Quality Assurance is an essential part of any industry. From building cars to software development, the history of industry has always emphasized the […]

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